Fördel med att amma

Idag för ett år sen delade jag ett inlägg på facebook. Jag fick en kommentar från en kvinna där.

Joni M W:
”What I didn’t mention in my comment above is that my son that was not breastfed, who was always sick as an infant and toddler, ie: the flu and colds etc that always turned into ear infections etc.. Became very I’ll when he started day care at the age of 5. Prior to that I was a stay at home mom. In the end after three very scary hospital stays he was found to have secretory IGA immune deficiency. In short his immune system was not near what it should be. This is genetic however years later we found out that had I breastfed he most likely would never have had this or would have done much better if I had breastfed him. He has out grown this for the most part. He’s now 34 years old and rather healthy, but he sure had a rough childhood! And could have easily died from the infections that he developed that he could not fight! I would never wish what he went through on any child, especially when it could have been prevented!

Please do share! His immune deficiency is one that can be cured or greatly lessened by breast feeding. And thankfully I had breastfed his younger brother prior to this information being published in the New England medical journal. His younger brother, by the way, never went to the doctor for anything other than a well baby checkup till he was 5!!!

Något att begrunda över.

4 thoughts on “Fördel med att amma

  1. Nja. V har IgA-brist trots amning och mig veterligen har IgA -brist inget samband med att man skulle vara sådär väldigt infektionskänslig. Vilken artikel hänvisar hon till? Jag kanske missförstår kommentaren?


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